Who is Misco Home Décor:

We are the newest division of Missry Associates, Inc. For over 45 years this privately held company has been successfully marketing and selling consumer products through a large diverse retail network.

Misco Brands Include:
  • Misco Home & Garden - Flower Pots, Watering Cans and various outdoor products
  • Country Silk – Christmas and holiday ornaments
  • Stor-All Solutions – Plastic food storage items and general storage
  • Misco Home Décor – Original wall art

What Separates Misco From Competition:
  • Al l our production is from our own commissioned artist. We do not purchase China or other stock photographs. What we produce is unique to Misco Home Décor only.
  • The original artist must approve the production of his/her work. This is to ensure the integrity of the reproduction and ultimately the consumers’ satisfaction.
  • We have production in many different sizes and media including, but not limited to Canvas, Glass, Pallet Knife, Hand Painted Brush Stroke, Lacquer, Glass and a process that is unique to Misco.
  • Misco understands the retail environment with display programs as well as one of the best shipping records in the industry. Misco can ship to an account either as direct import program, or from either of our warehouses located in New Jersey and California.

Glossary of Terms
Archival Inks: Inks that resist fading.
Archival Paper: Paper is acid-free and lignin-free and is manufactured to last long term without changes in its color. . Paper that has not had its lignin removed turns yellow, becomes brittle, and deteriorates over time
Brushwork: The stylized way an artist will brush paint onto a surface.
Collage: A technique of art making where the artist uses materials other than traditional paint and assembles different items to create an image.
Digital Print: A fine art print made using computer technology.
Diptych: Two pieces of art, which is meant to be, hung in a specific orientation so the composition flows from one piece into another.
Floater frame: The molding is cut to fit around a stretched canvas. Many floater frames have a "step" that separates the molding from the artwork and gives the impression the artwork is "floating" in the frame.
Giclee Print: A Giclee (zhee-clay) is a French word meaning “to spray”. Giclee printing provides the highest resolution available today. Artists, galleries and print shops often use the term to denote high quality printing
Hue: A particular gradation of color; a shade or tint.
Impasto: The application of thick layers of pigment to a canvas or other surface in painting.
Limited Edition: A print with a predetermined number of pieces to be produced. Once the entire run has been printed the image will no longer be printed. Limited Editions are usually signed and then numbered by the artist by notating the number of the print and the total edition size e.g. 3/30 just below the image. “S/N”: S/N is the symbol to indicate that the art has been signed and numbers by the artist.
Mat/Matboard: A stiff cardboard with a window cut out of the center, traditionally used to provide airspace between the artwork and the glass. It also can be used to add size and decoration.
Open Editions: Prints made in an unspecified /unlimited number of reproductions.
Pallet Knife Painting: A method of painting where a thick layer of paint is applied using a spatula type instrument or "Pallet Knife."
Substrate: The paper or canvas on which the artwork was printed, drawn, or painted.
Triptych: Three pieces of art meant to be hung in a specific orientation so the composition flows from one piece into each other.
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